Clarke has done it again! Piranesi is a magical tale that evokes imagery so real that you are taken on a journey where all your senses are alive. The world in which she has created is obviously influenced by the artist Giovanni Battista Piranesi’s etchings, but Clarke’s writing is so vivid, that one wonders which came first. Does this world truly exist? you find yourself wondering. Only a wizard of words can create such doubt in your own surroundings. I will not delve into the plot as it will only spoil it for future readers, but I will note that this book is very apt in today’s world of Pandemic/isolation, where many of us will emerge longing for a simpler life.
NB. If in Melbourne at any time do visit the State Library of Victoria where there is a substantial collection of Piranesi’s etchings, just make sure you read the book first.
This review based on ARC copy

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