The Bone Season

Sometimes you need a doctorate to keep your finger on the pulse of the publishing world.New books, new authors, emerging every minute, it can do your head in. When the latest, hottest thing is buzzed about, I get excited and worried. I know I’m going to read it, but I worry whether I’ve succumbed to the hype. This brings me to the much hyped book “The Bone Season” by Samantha Shannon, likened, of course, to J.K Rowlings. Publishers are very quick to put this on a sleeve, but just this once what if it’s justified. i mean she did get an eight book publishing deal – amazing!
So what was it like?
It’s a dystopian world set in London and Oxford, England in the year 2025, with an alternative history. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and like any “good read” I was sad when it ended. The book did have some obstacles. The beginning is a bit of a slog, it takes some concentration to get through Samantha Shannons comprehensive world building, but once I locked it in my brain, i was fine. I just hope I don’t have to wait too long for the second book as my brain tends to leak and that stored information may have left and formed it’s own alternative universe elsewhere.

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