The Maze Runner

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With the release of the movie and the box set of James Dashner’s series, I thought now was a good time to review The Maze Runner.
This is another novel set in a post apocalyptic world i.e. Hunger games, Divergent, The Forest of Hands and Teeth etc.
So how does it fare with the onslaught? Quite well.
Our Protagonist. Thomas wakes in a boxlike lift with no memory, in a place called the Glade. Living in the Glade are boys who arrived the same way over the past two years. The Glade is surrounded by a maze, which the boys believe holds the answer to getting home.
The atmosphere is reminiscent of Lord of the Flies, where hierarchies among the boys are developed and leaders are established. As the boys enter the ever-changing maze the themes of trust, loyalty and bravery are brought to the forefront.
Thomas shows himself to be a natural leader, but this is thrown into turmoil when a girl Teresa enters the maze and memories start to surface.
What Dashner does well is create tension and suspense. The reader is kept guessing, Where are they? What is this place? What is its purpose? Who controls the maze? Eventually, these questions are answered in the subsequent books. But I did not find the answers satisfying. I enjoyed The Maze Runner, but the other books left me flat and disappointed.

2 thoughts on “The Maze Runner

  1. Sorry to hear you were disappointed with the series overall. It’s always a potential problem with fantasy, that all the imagination goes into setting up the world and then the ending doesn’t live up to it. I guess that’s why people like Rowling are so successful – they work out the ending before they embark on the beginning…

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