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Today releasing a book is no simple path, there is a labyrinth of avenues one can take, and at the rate technology is evolving, there is no doubt, in ten years the publishing world will be very different from today. This was evident when I went to a talk on Digital Storytelling. This is a rapidly growing area, and Cordelia Funke, author of the “Inkheart” series, gave us an incredible insight into her developments into this field. She told, how out of frustrations with the 90min representations of her books in the movie world, she decided to develop an app called Mirrorworld .
Funke described it as a “Jumpstart to the imagination”. It starts with a mirror that you enter and you discover the Inkheart world. Funke describes the app as a “breathing book, it’s a visual travel guide to my world. If you want to see what a plant looks like you can see through illustrations, it’s accompanied by a soundtrack or you can listen to my voice telling the story”
This app was truly amazing, and the illustrations were beautiful. It’s retailing for 5.99 which some say is pricey for an app, but this is more than a visual book and it is cheaper than most books, by bestselling authors.You can have a look at the app through this link

The other guest, was Connor O’Brien the co-director of the Digital Writers’ Festival ( He recently trialed a digital festival as part of  Melbourne’s Emerging Writers Festival.This was a huge success. People who can’t physically attend a festival, for reason varying from geographical, financial or disabilities, gained the most from the experience. The view expressed from attendees was that it was as good as being there in person, they felt present and embodied. This is obviously a growing field as I saw there is a digital Romance Writers festival on the 7th and 8th of June from Harper Impulse (Harper Collins Publishing). Have a look at the link for more details.
It was a very exciting talk and I wish I had a Tardis to see what the future world of publishing will really be like.

What do you think will happen?

4 thoughts on “Digital Storytelling

  1. I wish I knew1 I do think, however, that there will be further developments in self-publishing, so that there won’t be the strict dichotomy between the conventional route (high – well, usually high – standards, but incredibly hard to get in) and pure self-publishing (very easy to do but no necessary minimum standards at all – which isn’t to say that much of it isn’t very good – leading to an anarchic explosion of titles). Quite what that will look like, however, I don’t know.

    • It would be great to have a crystal ball. I have noticed a large increase in new publishing houses that deal solely with online publishing, they still handle some promotions and editing, this seems to be a mix of traditional publishing and self- publishing. Momentum is a publishing house doing this. they just signed Matthew Reilly.

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