Cassandra Clare and Holly Black -A Good Idea?

The Iron Trial

When two authors team up to write a novel it can sometimes read as disjointed and discombobulating. With this in mind it was with some trepidation that I approached the novel The Iron Trial –Book 1 in the Magisterium series by the dynamic duo, Cassandra Clare and Holly Black.

Let me first state that this is a preview as I have only read the prologue and first chapter. Why write this? I was excited that Clare was taking on the middle school genre, but I was a little nervous as EVERYONE points out the synopsis reads a little like a Harry Potter rip-off. So while waiting for my review copy (come on Random House pull your finger out, ha-ha no honestly love you guys, but I may drop over to Netgalley if it takes any longer)

Here are my thoughts so far.

The Prologue was interesting, yet jumpy.

The first chapter was engaging, well written and had me wanting more.

This brings me back to the point of this post. Can two authors successfully write as one voice? What I’ve read of The Iron Trial has me assuming Black wrote the prologue and Clare wrote the first chapter. If the rest of the novel is written in tag team fashion then cohesion will be its first victim. I have read other novels with duel authors and the result is a loss in continuity and flow. Sometimes the changeover in author is as obvious as a line in the sand.


What do my readers think of duel (Yes, duel not dual, as it can be a battle) writers?