Books to Film


 I was glancing at my bookshelf and noticed how many of my books are currently films, being made into a film or a film that’s about to be released. This is a hot topic; everyone has an opinion, what makes a good book into a good film?

Is it budget, direction, casting, writing or a combination? There are films that have done excellent adaptations, the “Harry Potter” series and “To Kill a Mockingbird” for example. But the reverse it often true; good books to bad films have become ubiquitous.

Casting has a significant impact for me. Every reader forms a picture in their head of how a character looks, and when an actor is cast who is in complete contrast it can be quite jarringsometimes for the entire film. With the soon to be released “The Fault in our stars” I feel some foreboding if the casting is wrong, particularly since the whole story is mainly centred around two pivotal characters. The film will do well if screenwriters Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber don’t stray too far from the brilliant writing of John Green. John Green’s dialogue uses a sharp, acerbic wit to deal with a difficult subject. This is one of my favourite books, so fingers crossed the film be just as fantastic.

Let me know who your favourite and least favourite casting in a book to film.