Answers to Book Titles Game

In the previous post I posted a book title game where I changed some well known novel titles with some truly awful alternatives and readers had to match the titles. Thankyou everyone for your patience in waiting for the answers as I took a little break over Easter.

The much anticipated answers are:

  1.  Did he, or didn’t he do it? – F. Gone Girl
  2.  A Very Unusual Cake – D. The Help
  3.  Here Piggy, Piggy – A. Charlotte’s Web
  4. Colour Coded People – C. Divergent
  5. A Spoilt Girl Learns a Lesson -Almost – B. Gone With the Wind
  6. Nerds Rule –  E. The Rosie Project
  7. Marry My Daughters – H. Pride and Prejudice
  8. The Very Ordinary Nick Carraway -G.  The Great Gatsby

Hope you had fun and maybe this has inspired you to take a look at some books you may not have previously.



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